Current and Former
Federal Employees

Helping you prepare for a comfortable retirement

Your federal benefits provide you with opportunities to build a fulfilling retirement, but you may not know about the decisions you need to make that will result in the retirement you envision. To increase your chances of achieving the retirement you want, we’re here to help tie all the components of your financial picture together.

Here’s what we

can do for you:

  • We’ll help you assess whether your Thrift Savings Plan funds are appropriate for your risk tolerance and future objectives. If necessary, we’ll review other fund options and assist you with converting to funds that are more aligned with your goals and values.
  • Then, we’ll build out your government benefits and resources into a full financial plan that maps out the decisions and strategies you need to employ both before you reach retirement and during those golden years.
  • Finally, we’ll educate you about the myriad of investment options (beyond the options in the Thrift Savings Plan) to help you pursue the returns and strategies you need for stable and long-term income.

When you partner with Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management, you can rest easier knowing you have appropriate guidance to help you make smarter decisions for the retirement you want.


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