Customized Investment Management Services

A one-size-fits-all portfolio solution may seem like an efficient investment strategy on the surface, but by ignoring both significant and subtle differences between investors, it may fail to serve your best interests. As a registered investment advisory firm, we provide customized investment management strategies structured around your unique investment needs..

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Our Investment Management Philosophy

Our portfolios are grounded in our investment philosophy, which is built on the following principles:

  • Market efficiency
  • Global diversification
  • A disciplined approach
  • An aversion to unnecessary costs and fees

By utilizing particular mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, we are able to target specific dimensions of returns that have shown to be persistent and pervasive across markets. Based on your unique needs and risk tolerance, we construct an investment portfolio appropriate for accomplishing your goals while managing your risk exposure so that you can feel comfortable and confident in the direction of your assets.

Tax-Sensitive Investment Planning

We recognize that some individuals may require tax-sensitive strategies. Our tax-conscious approach follows our same general approach to investment management while giving particular attention to after-tax returns concerning dividend and income management. We place emphasis on logistical tax-efficiency across accounts in order to minimize tax burden and plan taxable events at advantageous times.

Investment Planning with Dimensional Funds

Our strategies often employ the use of Dimensional funds that are unavailable to the individual investor. Dimensional’s strategies are based on academic research, rather than on speculation or commercial indexes. The strategies implemented by Dimensional echo much of our investment philosophy, as they are built around the following core beliefs:

  • Securities are fairly priced in liquid and competitive markets.
  • Diversification is essential.
  • Investing involves trading off risks and costs with expected returns.

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Frequently Asked Investment Management Questions

1. Why is investment philosophy important?

The investment philosophy of an investment management firm informs the way investment portfolios will be built and managed. It is important for clients to understand and be in alignment with their investment manager’s investment philosophy as this will form the roadmap for how assets will be invested. The investment philosophy provides for a consistent approach to decision-making. Consistency is important because it helps avoid reactionary responses to short-term market fluctuations and keeps the focus on long-term objectives.

2. What are different examples of investment philosophies?

The landscape of investment philosophies is wide. Some examples include index investing, stock picking, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or factor investing. One of the key aspsects of a firm’s investment philosophy is whether they subscribe to a more active or passive manner to invest. Active strategies often involve making tactical decisions around timing the market or favoring particular stocks or sectors at different times. Passive strategies tend to involve less trading and take a longer-term approach toward capturing the returns of investments.

3. Which is better: active or passive investing?

Active investing often carries more expense than passive investing as larger teams are typically required to research and enact strategies. Additionally, trading costs for high turnover active strategies can cut into the returns of a portfolio. Finally, active strategies may have materially higher or lower returns than a strategy’s benchmark, leading to less predictable outcomes for financial goals. Passive strategies usually are lower costs and provide for a more consistent investment experience.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Investment Goals

At Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management,we know that every investor is different. We’ll tailor your portfolio to your experience, your goals, and your desired level of risk, then we’ll help you manage it over time. We know you’re unique, and that’s why we don’t offer cookie-cutter investment plans. Are you ready to experience customized investment management tailored to your needs? Contact Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management for portfolio management in the Washington, D.C. area.