Living In Retirement

In our opinion, first and foremost we believe that our clients should be enjoying their lives, doing the things they love, and spending time with those they care about.

Financial uncertainty can severely undermine your ability to live the way you truly want to in your retirement.

The fear that you may run out of money and become a burden on your children can create a great deal of stress as you age. This may make you feel like you can’t do the things you want.

You may forgo that trip to Europe or not buy that toy your grandson wants for the holidays in service of this fear. We do not believe this is the way you should be living.

We help you organize your assets and plan your income so that you can better maximize the resources available to you and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve earned over the course of your life. By employing prudent investment management, income projections, and a realistic look at the expenses of living in retirement, we help you do more of the things you want to do.

Legacy Financial Planning

It is never too early to begin thinking about the kind of financial legacy you would like to leave to your children and grandchildren. Securing your assets for future generations and ensuring that your wealth continues to work in alignment with your values are the key goals of estate planning.

Making determinations as to when it may be appropriate to employ wills, trusts, and life insurance as well as addressing the tax issues that arise when transferring assets are chief among our responsibilities as your financial advisor.

By working in close partnerships with your accountants, attorneys, and other key members of your financial team, we strive to give you the tools you need to transfer your estate with maximum security and efficiency.


We help our clients engage meaningfully with the causes and organizations they support while taking advantage of the tax benefits of gifting. Whether this involves determining a gifting strategy as part of your retirement plan or establishing a full-scale foundation to further the causes you are passionate about, our team has experience assisting our clients in all aspects of charitable giving, both large and small.

Long Term Financial Planning

Medical advancements over the last several decades have been an incredible boon for our nation and communities. People are living longer and more importantly, living fuller and happier lives in their golden years.

However, these health benefits come with additional challenges you must address. Rising medical and nursing costs coupled with an increased life expectancy put additional expenses on your plate.

We cannot ignore the possibility that you may experience a debilitating condition which will require care your loved ones aren’t able to provide.

Planning for this possibility and ensuring your loved ones aren’t left with a bill is an important consideration for retirees. We help you determine what options are available to help mitigate these risks so that you can rest easier about your future.