Retirement Planning

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Financial Planning for Retirement

Whether you are just starting your career or have decades of professional experience, it is never too early to consider your financial future. Retirement planning is a critical part of this process, from deciding when you would like to retire to determining how you will invest your earnings to achieve the lifestyle you desire during retirement.

We offer comprehensive financial planning, investment, and wealth management services, and we work with you to devise a financial plan that maximize your retirement savings while minimizing your tax obligations. As a fee-only fiduciary advisory service, you can be sure that your needs are our top priority.

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Early Career Retirement Planning

Successful retirement planning starts early. Deciding whether to depend on a traditional employee-sponsored pension plan or to rely on more flexible options, such as 401(k) plans or IRAs, can be a difficult decision.

Choosing investments that will balance returns with possible risks is also a challenge, and while some risk can be palatable early in your financial life, you may want to consider safer investments (such as dimensional mutual funds) as you inch closer to retirement.

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Approaching Retirement

As you grow closer to retirement, you will have to start making important decisions about your investments, your assets, and your plans for the future. Our financial advisors can help you develop a financial plan that prioritizes safe, intelligent investments while planning for your post-retirement life.

Our investment strategy relies on stable, long-term investments that minimize risk, along with diversification. We can help you grow your assets and choose the appropriate retirement accounts to protect them for the future. We provide continuous monitoring and support to help you maximize your earnings and manage your future obligations.

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Living in Retirement

Once you retire, you will need to consider how to manage your assets successfully and avoid unnecessary tax burdens, as well as determining which assets you may pass to future generations, such as your children and grandchildren. At Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management, we can help you manage your assets throughout your retirement and prepare for the future with our estate planning services.

We can help you through the process of creating trusts, managing insurance policies, and transferring assets as required to minimize penalties while securing your assets for your loved ones.

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Retirement Accounts

Choosing the appropriate retirement accounts for your assets can be difficult. Our financial advisors can explain the advantages and disadvantages of 401(k) plans, traditional IRAs, and Roth IRAs, and we can help you plan for your future health needs by starting a health savings account.

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Retirement Planning Services in MD, VA & DC

Whether you are about to retire or just starting your career, you can trust our professionals at Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management for sound financial advice and help to reach your financial goals.

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