Fee Only Financial Planner Maryland

Are you looking for financial planners in Maryland? Our team of fee-only fiduciary financial planners is here to help.

With its rich history, culture, and world-famous seafood, Maryland has lots to offer. Maryland also ranks 28th for fiscal stability and sits centrally on the East Coast. We take great satisfaction in our openness as fee-only investment advisors. With us, you get exactly what you see. Think of us as your financial partners who will create a plan that perfectly circles your needs.

Are you interested in learning how fee-only financial planning can benefit you? Find out what dealing with fiduciary financial advisors has to offer.

Our Service Areas in Maryland

Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management headquarters is located at Rockville, Maryland. We provide services to pre-retirees, retirees, and government workers across Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland.

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How We Approach Fee-Only Financial Planning?

The financial planning services we offer at Ferguson Johnson Wealth Management are based on your financial experiences, your financial goals, and how these decisions affect your values and beliefs. We believe that the foundation of every successful financial plan is a client’s and their financial advisor’s shared trust.

Our process for personal financial planning is intended to help us get to know one another. We think a client’s and their financial advisor’s mutual trust is the cornerstone of any financial plan’s success.

We start by creating a financial strategy that is specifically tailored to your situation using all we’ve learned about you through exploration. Depending on your goals, this could involve a variety of components, including a retirement plan, budget, debt-reduction plans, and portfolio management techniques.

Although we generally require a minimum account size of $500,000 for our combined investment advisory and financial planning service, we recognize that there are exceptions. Therefore, to ensure that our expertise benefits as many people as possible, in some circumstances, we’re willing to waive this minimal criterion.

Our portfolios are built on the principles of market efficiency, global diversification, a disciplined approach, and an aversion to unnecessary costs. We respect the path you choose to pursue and are dedicated to providing top-notch fee-only financial planning services right here in Maryland.
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What Can We Help You With?

Our services encompass continuous wealth and portfolio management, consulting, financial, tax, and retirement planning services. As a leading fee-only financial planner in Maryland, our responsibility is to skillfully lead you through various investing options, making sure that your portfolio matches your goals and risk tolerance. Retail investors, high-net-worth individuals, pension plans, and non-profit organizations are just a few of the broad clientele we serve.  We support you and advise you in all areas of your money, including but not limited to:

  • Directing Investments
  • Overall Wealth Management
  • Planning for Retirement
  • Optimizing Portfolio Withdrawal Strategies
  • Saving for College
  • Reviewing Assets, Liabilities, Cash Flow, Insurance Coverage, and Estate Documents
  • Assessing Insurance Needs
  • Optimizing Tax Efficiency

We’re with you every step of the way, whether you’re considering different job paths, hoping to expand your family, or planning a secure retirement.

We are ready to help you understand the basics of finance, the importance of investment management, how a fiduciary financial advisor can benefit you, and how we can support your financial decisions.

How to Find Certified Financial Planners in Maryland?

There are a few factors to consider before choosing a fee only financial planner in Maryland. Before going on your search, establish your needs. Are you seeking services in estate preparation, retirement planning, investment management, or a mix of these?

Finding a certified financial planner with the correct skills will be made easier for you if your goals are clear. The CFP® designation matters, it shows you that the financial planner has complied with strict educational, professional, and ethical standards.

Take into account the background and areas of expertise of potential advisors. If you have special financial objectives in Maryland, such as real estate investments or tax planning, look for consultants with experience in those fields there. Don’t forget to read online testimonials and recommendations that past customers have provided.

Make sure the CFP® is prepared to work in a fiduciary capacity, which means they will place your interests above their own. This is an essential characteristic of a reliable financial counselor.

While fee-based planners may receive commissions or other payments from the sale of products, fee-only planners are only paid by the fees they collect from clients. You can learn more about the planner’s communication methods, attentiveness, and level of service by speaking with some of their past customers.

Finally, use the resources that are at your disposal. You can locate a certified fee only financial planner in Maryland who adheres to the highest levels of knowledge and ethics by using websites like the CFP® directory.

Jon Powell, CFP®, is an established financial planner with Ferguson Johnson Wealth Management and is available if you want to safeguard your financial future with a dependable professional. You will be equipped to make wise decisions thanks to our client-centered approach and comprehensive financial planning knowledge.

Make an appointment with Jon Powell right away. Don’t pass up this chance to work with a top-notch certified financial planner in Maryland!

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Why Choose Us?

For more than 40 years, we’ve been assisting clients with comprehensive financial planning. We operate independently from the major financial institutions and insurance providers, allowing us to give you objective advice based on your needs. Our aim is to assist our clients in making informed plans so they can live completely.

Having a fiduciary financial advisor aids in fiduciary responsibility, and wise guidance for future financial decisions, and reduces conflicts of interest.

Ferguson Johnson Wealth Management places a high value on making sure our clients are at ease with their choices since those choices have an influence on their long-term objectives. We are aware that in bigger companies, individualized care can be hard to come by.

That’s where we step in, introducing you to dependable personal financial advisors who give you the individualized attention you need.

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