Our Wealth Management Philosophy

Since 1978 we have been independent wealth managers and financial planners. We believe this independence from financial institutions and insurance companies is key in providing unbiased, client-driven advice.

One of our owners often makes the remark: “You can’t go to a Toyota dealership and expect to be told ‘Oh, I don’t think a Toyota is right for you, what you really need is a Honda.’ Well, the same is true of financial products.”

Our independence allows us to make recommendations that are truly in the best interest of our clients. We are fee-only, fiduciary financial advisors who do not, and will not, compromise the fierce protection we have over our clients’ best interests.

We believe in client-centered values for conducting ourselves both in and out of the office. Our commitment to you does not end when we turn off the lights in the evening. We constantly strive to add value to the services we provide our clients.

We are never content as long as our clients’ livelihoods are in our hands.

As you go through our Website we will share real-life examples of how clients have benefited from our care. Please note: Though the stories are real, we have intentionally left out some details to protect the privacy of our clients.

Market Realities

Morgan Stanley strategist Gerard Minack said he had found over the years that investors were often their worst enemies. “The biggest problem appears to be that—despite all the disclaimers—retail flows assume that past performance is a good guide to future outcomes.

Consequently, money tends to flow to investments that have done well, rather than investments that will do well. The net result is that the actual returns to investors fall well short not just of benchmark returns, but the returns generated by professional investors.”

“Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior,” Dalbar, 2013.