Why I Became a Financial Advisor (Derek Johnson)

September 03, 2021 | By Jon Powell, CFP®| Financial Planning

By Derek Johnson, CRPC®

When I was a college student dabbling in the investment world, I had no idea my interest in the markets would turn into a lifelong career. This personal experience of researching investments and watching my money grow inspired me to do the same for others. So I switched my major to finance—and the rest is history! 

The Journey

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Maryland, I started working as an investment advisor representative at Ferguson Johnson Wealth Management, where, more than 20 years later, I serve as principal, director, and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™ (CRPC®).

As the son of a successful small business owner, I understand and appreciate the value of money and the hard work that goes into building wealth. I take that understanding into my client relationships, striving to design financial plans that are customized and built for the long term.

My pre-retiree clients come to me with questions like “When can I retire?” or “How much do I need to save so I can retire without worrying about running out of money?” And my retiree clients want to make sure they have a solid distribution plan in place so they can enjoy their hard-earned golden years.

I spend my days helping my clients address these concerns—and the ones they haven’t even thought of yet. 

As head of our investment committee, I also develop portfolio strategies and implement the best funds and products to suit our clients’ needs. I make it a point to stay in contact with leading academics in the areas of portfolio and wealth management so we can continue to provide the right investment opportunities that get you closer to your goals. 

The Best Part

I still feel like the motivated, excited young adult who discovered what investments can do for your money. I love knowing that my skills and knowledge help others experience confidence so they can look forward to their future.

There’s nothing like celebrating with my clients when they reach a goal or seeing the relief on their faces when they realize they aren’t alone on their financial journey.

If that’s something you want to experience as well, reach out to our Ferguson Johnson Wealth Management team at 301-670-0994 or by email.

About Derek

Derek Johnson is an investment advisor representative and is the principal and director at Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management, an independent, fee-only fiduciary firm that has been helping clients plan for and enjoy retirement for more than 40 years.

Derek also serves as head of the investment committee; in this capacity, he is in regular contact with leading academics in the areas of portfolio and wealth management and has presented research on the benefits of asset class allocation to the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII).

He holds the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™ (CRPC®) professional designation.

Derek is known for providing honest advice and excellent service to his pre-retiree and retiree clients and feels privileged to be a trusted resource and support his clients can rely on.

Derek has more than 20 years of experience and earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Maryland. Outside of work, Derek enjoys spending time with his wife, Tiffany, and their two daughters, Sloane and Adalynn. He also loves football and traveling. To learn more about Derek, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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