Need A Financial Check Up?

January 10, 2023 | By Jon Powell, CFP®| Financial Planning

No matter your goal, from saving for retirement to understanding your risk tolerance, working with a financial professional is beneficial for many different reasons. And as one of our valued clients, you understand this! We work with our clients through economic ups and downs, personal changes, and financial goal-setting. 

Do you know someone who would also benefit from this hands-on approach? If so, working with a financial advisor could make the world of difference, especially as we enter a new year with new goals.

A Financial Check-Up

You can think of a second opinion as a financial check-up, just like a physical check-up or eye exam you’d get from your doctor. Meeting with your friend or family member, we’ll take the time to get to know them and their unique financial situation, ask them to outline their financial goals, and review their current plan, 401(k), investment portfolio, insurance policies, and more.

This allows us to determine where they stand and where they want to be so that we are on the same page with their objectives.

We’ll also answer any questions they may have about the market, strategies, or fundamentals of financial planning and principles. Then we can apply their concerns, ideas, and aims to their current plan to see how everything lines up. 

The Benefits of a Financial Check-Up

Once we have a good overview of their financial picture, we can work together to evaluate and adjust. If their investments, insurance, etc., continue to be well suited to their long-term goals, we’ll gladly tell them so and send them on their way.

If on the other hand, their plan no longer fits their goals, we’ll explain why in a way they can understand. And, if they’d like, we’ll recommend some alternatives. It may be that minor adjustments are needed based on their age, current economic woes, or a change in priorities and plans. 

It never hurts to take a second look at their financial plan to ensure it is up to date, still applicable to all aspects of their life, and ideally suited to achieve their long-term dreams. Regardless of the outcome of our second look, they should be able to move forward with a high level of confidence in their financial plan. 

Do You Know Someone Who Would Benefit From a Financial Check-Up?

Many of our clients are referrals from our other clients, and we value these referrals so much. Over the years, we’ve built strong and long-lasting relationships with clients who not only trust us to manage their assets but also trust us enough to refer us to their loved ones.

The highest compliment you can give us is to let someone else know about your exceptional experience working with Ferguson Johnson Wealth Management.

If you know someone who would benefit from our financial guidance, send them our way and let us help them evaluate where they are now, determine where they would like to go, and address any gaps. You or your loved ones can reach out to us at 301-670-0994 or by email.

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