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Best Practices Savings Guide

In most lines of work, you read about “best practices”. Well, let’s take a moment to apply best practices to your finances. You may be just beginning your financial journey, fresh out of college. You may have children or grandchildren that are starting their first real job. Perhaps, you just want to get serious about your finances. This savings guide is designed to help organize cash flows, so that money is being used in the most efficient manner possible.


Setting a Budget – Tips and Best Practices

In most cases, a budget (your cash flows) forms the bedrock of your financial plans. A budget is one of the most effective ways to begin tackling your financial life. Unfortunately, there are some negative connotations to the idea of budgeting. You might imagine a friend saying “I can’t go out to eat, I’m on a budget.” Your instant impression might be that they don’t have any money.